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Why Choose Us For Garage Door Repair Studio City

We take 100% customer satisfaction as the approach to our business. Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair is licensed & insured. Every type of garage door is our specialty. We operate 24/7 during the weekdays, weekends and holidays as well, and we don’t charge a penny extra for this service. We don’t just hire workers and staff; we employ professional garage door contractor. We may be exceptionally good at all types of garage door repair studio city, but we don’t restrict ourselves with no job too small or too big. We excel in all areas and have the warranties and guarantees to back up all our work and prices. Call the best garage door company in town today for same day appointment. We are proud supporters of Carpenter Community Charter School.

Our Mission

At Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair, it is our mission to deliver 100 percent customer satisfaction at every single job! We are not only good are garage door repair, we are better than all the rest! We only offer complete, reliable and superior garage door repairs and services. We offer a competitive price and will not be undersold. We provide a warranty on our parts and labor. We never compromise on quality and use only branded parts. We are the leading garage doors residential company in the Studio City are a that genuinely cares for your time and safety

 About Us

We work with all available makes and models of garage doors including Sears, Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Raynor, UDT, Home Depot, and many, many more. We are skilled in the service, installation and repair of all makes and models of garage doors and we carry all parts for all available brands.Our extensive experience comes from our 22 plus years in the garage door service industry. We are fully, bonded, licensed, and insured for the benefit of ourselves and our customers. We are a top-rated garage door company in the entire Studio City, Ca area with a stellar reputation.

garage door repair studio city ca

Here at Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair, this is the approach we’ve taken to business: 100% Customer Satisfaction!  We’re not going to be good at just garage door repair studio city; we’re going to surpass every company. So, when we see other garage door repair companies offering a less than complete service, we don’t understand it. Here are some of the reasons to choose us for your repair company of choice:

We Specialize in every type of garage door

Your home isn’t the exact same as your neighbor’s and neither is your garage door. We have experience in all makes and models that we come across: Sears, Raynor, Home Depot, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, UDT and many, many more. We have the knowledge and the parts for any garage door we may come across, so call us today if you need your door serviced, no matter what you may be using.

We Operate 24/7 during the weekdays, weekends & holidays!

We don’t operate only during 9-5, Monday through Friday, because your problems don’t just occur during that time. That’s incredibly limiting to assume that all breakdowns will occur during that time frame, so we just removed that obstacle. We will be at your door within 1 hour of your call, no matter the time or day. Our trucks are all Studio City, Ca based and locally owned, so we always have a fully-stocked truck ready to attend whatever disaster may befall you.

We hired unparalleled and reliable and dependable garage door technicians

We don’t just hire workers and staff, we employ professional technicians. Our experience with garage doors comes from our fully insured, bonded and licensed technicians with over 22 years of experience under their belts. When you call for an emergency repair, you’re not going to get just one of our junior apprentices. You’ll get a professional at your doorstep within 60 minutes, guaranteed!

No job is too small of too big!

We may be exceptionally good at all types of garage doors, but we don’t restrict ourselves with no job too small or too big. We also repair your openers, your chains, your broken springs, your opener drive motors and we sell and install all parts and accessories otherwise associated with your garage. We handle any job, regardless of the size, because we don’t feel like putting a minimum requirement on you. If you have garage door job, we’ll do it.

We sell wonderful, new custom wood, glass & aluminum garage doors- check us out!

We beautify your home with wonderful colors, styles and options with our new garage doors.  We can match your home’s style, and colors with plenty of options.  We can build a custom garage door from a picture or with our 3D software, so you can see your home before you buy the new garage door!

Our approach to business, and to life, is not put any limitations on ourselves. We excel in all areas and have the warranties and guarantees to back up all our work and prices. Call us TODAY for your same day appointment!

New Custom Wood, Glass, Aluminum Garage Doors

new garage doors studio city ca

Looking for high-quality new custom wood, glass, aluminum garage doors service provider in the Studio City area that offer reasonably priced services? Then look no further! We at Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair offer Studio City, Ca the most reliable, top notch services in the area at the most affordable prices. We carry new custom wood, glass, aluminum garage doors of all leading brands. We are the top dealers of Liftmaster garage door in Studio City area. We carry openers of high quality, including Liftmaster garage door opener. So, if you are looking for top of the line overhead garage doors services in the Studio City, Ca area that will not break the bank then call us today.

Broken Torsion Spring Repair

garage door spring repair studio city ca

Is your door opening so slowly that you think it will never end?  Your garage door springs might have gone for a toss. Replacement springs aren’t normally that expensive, but turning this repair into a do-it-yourself project could be disastrous. The exceptional technicians at Studio City Discount garage door repair have the knowledge and resources to conduct broken torsion spring repair quickly, efficiently, and safely. We are specialists in garage door services in the Studio City area and are experts in garage door spring adjustment. We can address any garage door spring installation issues the same day you call for an appointment. We are local to Studio City, ca.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

garage door opener repair studio city ca

Are you in a dilemma to get your opener repaired or replaced? Let the professionals at Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair help you decide. With over 22 years of service in the garage door repair industry and in-depth knowledge of all garage door opener designs, we’ll be able to help you make the best decision for your home. We specialize in garage door opener repair and replacement work and offer our services at a competitive cost that fits your budget.  We repair Liftmaster garage doors and other leading brands. We try our best to repair garage openers, instead of replacing them. We are the preferred company of choice to repair Genie garage door opener in the area.

Gate Repair

gate repair studio city ca

Are your electric gate openers opening the door but not closing it? Several electronic components work together to make the automatic gate function. If any component starts to malfunction, your electric gates might be up for repair from a highly skilled professional. Our staff and technicians are professionally trained to get your gate repair work done in no time. Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair technicians are all licensed – bonded – insured, which should offer much comfort to our customers. Understandably, gate gears and chains repair services at times can be very pricey, but we know our business so well and have all of the parts on hand – so we are able to offer these services at a fraction of ‘regular’ cost. Phone us! We are local to Studio City, ca.

Dented Garage Door Panel Replacement and Repair

garage door panel repair studio city ca

Is your broken garage door panel beginning to worry you by looking like it might become a security flaw? You need the help of Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair to fix garage door panel. If you have a dented panel, it is better to get it done right away, as those dents eventually weaken the door and bring forth a major repair. Garage door panel installation shouldn’t be thought of as a major renovation, because it isn’t. We offer same day dented garage door panel replacement and repair work and back it up with a 100% customer satisfaction. We value your time and money and cater to your needs at any time of the day.

Garage Door Off Track Repair

garage door off track repair studio city ca

Are you noticing that the bottom of the door being uneven? The cause of this problem could be a bent track. Garage door off track repair is something that nobody wants to deal with, and it’s a job best left up to experts. Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair has the experts who have the experience necessary to get the job done. They need to be performed carefully because the garage door tracks that gets twisted, bent or damaged, often has a negative effect on other components surrounding it. Studio City Discount Garage Door Repair technicians assess the garage door out of track and offer a written quote right away. We carry all the parts needed to put the door back on track in no time.

Garage Door Electronic Keypad and Locks

garage door keypads studio city ca

Have you ever been concerned about storing valuables in your garage? Consider our state-of-the-art garage door electronic keypad and locks to keep your family the extra cushion of security. The electronic keypad has become incredibly popular, as families can stop asking each other who has the garage door opener, and the opener can simply be left in the car occupying the garage. Our access devices are of exceptional quality and can certainly keep your mind at peace about your safety. We also carry highly durable garage door lock handles and provide warranty on parts and labor. We also offer highly durable door safety latch for your garage doors. Call us today! We are local to Studio City, ca.

Garage Door Sensor Repair

garage door sensor repair studio city ca

Is your garage door functioning with a wall switch alone? It is high time to call the pros to get a thorough check on your sensors and openers for connectivity and wiring issue. The garage door safety sensors are one of the most delicate components in the array of components that make up a garage door system, and its ability to work is vital to the security of your home. The usual problem with the garage door sensor is the misalignment of the sensor. Moreover, this is a fairly quick and easy problem for the garage door technician to solve. Give our garage door sensor repair a call and find for yourself the professionalism we show to our customers. Dial now! We are local to Studio City, ca.

Cables, Drums, & Rollers

Is the bottom of your garage door up on one side and uneven? The cause could be worn out garage door cables in your garage. It is highly advisable to leave the spring repair and cable replacement work to a highly trained professional and not do it yourself, as it might be highly dangerous. Our certified staff is here to help and take care of your issue right away. We offer a visit within 45 minutes of the call and guarantee same day service. We are a one-stop shop for all your garage door needs and we also repair and service, garage door drums and maintain them spic-and-span.

Service & Maintenance

With over 22 years’ experience in this business, you do not have to look any further in handing over your annual garage door maintenance job in our hands. When you call for an overhead garage door service, you’re not going to get just one of our junior apprentices, but a professional at your doorstep within 60 minutes. Give us to chance to serve you and you will be certainly glad you did. We are available 24/7 and can be available at a time convenient to suit your busy schedule. Call us and schedule your annual garage door service with us.


Should you install a garage door yourself or seek the help of a professional?  Unless you’re an accomplished do-it-yourself, probably not. You need a helper; the work requires quite a few carpentry tools and skills to work with. We are a full-service, garage door installation company that serves the entire Studio City area. We offer a warranty on parts and labor for our jobs, and you can be rest assured that the trust with our customers is well taken care of. We use genuine and branded garage door hardware and offer written appraisals with no hidden surprises. We also perform garage door cable installation alone, if needed. Let us help you with your garage door needs.


all garage door brands studio city ca

Too many brands available and not sure which one to choose? When it comes to garage doors, no wonder customers are confused and puzzled about the abundant choices that they have. We carry the top of the line Raynor garage doors and is one of the preferred brands by our customers. Call us for our customized designs and the best prices that we can offer. We also carry an array of styles in Marantec garage door, and our trained technicians are knowledgeable enough to install any make and model there is. We also sell LiftMaster garage door opener at an affordable cost to you.